AI and Automation

AI and Automation

Data Driven Formulation Design


Drug formulation is a critical aspect of pharmaceutical development, as it involves the combination of inert materials and excipients with active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to create viable drug products with desired properties. The process of developing an optimized drug formulation can yield significant improvements, including enhanced efficacy, longer-lasting therapeutic effects, reduced side effects, prolonged API stability and shelf-life, and improved patient compliance. However, the traditional methods of drug formulation primarily rely on a trial-and-error approach, which is labour and resource intensive.

What we do

Data-driven formulation design: In an effort to design formulations more efficiently and effectively, our laboratory is focused on data-driven formulation design, leveraging the power of machine learning (ML) and automation. By harnessing these cutting-edge technologies, we aim to optimize the drug development process and minimize the use of resources. ML and automation enable us to efficiently explore both within and beyond the boundaries of the design space, utilizing the smallest amount of materials needed. This innovative approach allows us to streamline the drug formulation process and uncover novel possibilities, which could potentially result in better treatment options for patients. As the pharmaceutical industry continues to progress, we believe that embracing data-driven approaches will become increasingly important. This will be essential in order to meet the growing demands for safer, more effective, and personalized treatments. By integrating machine learning and automation into the drug formulation process, we can expedite the development of innovative drugs, minimize the time and resources spent on trial-and-error experiments, and ultimately, enhance the overall quality of healthcare.

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