Combination Therapy

Combination Therapy

Polymer Drug Delivery


The advent of combination therapies has introduced a new dynamism in the fight against cancer. This novel approach strategically combines several treatment modalities, outpacing the efficiency of any singular treatment method. By adeptly addressing the complexities of tumor heterogeneity and treatment resistance, combination therapies are revolutionizing our perspective on cancer treatment. As we delve deeper into this ground-breaking field, our primary goal stands unwavering: to augment patient survival and enhance the quality of life.

What we do

Mild Hyperthermia via Thermosensitive Liposomes: We have centered our focus on thermosensitive liposomes (TSL), an innovative drug delivery system that promptly releases its therapeutic contents upon exposure to mild hyperthermia. This technique permits precise drug targeting, considerably minimizing off-target effects, and thereby significantly improving chemotherapy results. Our laboratory stands at the forefront of pioneering TSL formulations, encapsulating a variety of chemotherapy drugs, and persistently explores optimal combinations to enhance drug delivery efficiency. 

Combinational Immunotherapy: Our laboratory has pioneered new grounds by developing a robust strategy to effectively navigate the complexities of cancer treatment. Recognizing the significant potential of immune checkpoint inhibition therapy, we’ve seamlessly integrated it into our treatment regimen. This strategic move has revolutionized our approach, converting it into an unrivaled triple combination therapy, which amalgamates thermosensitive liposomes, localized mild hyperthermia, and immune checkpoint inhibition therapy. 

Synergistic Combination: Our innovative approach involves employing high throughput drug screening to identify combinations of traditional chemotherapy and cutting-edge molecular therapy that act synergistically. These drug combinations have the promising potential to deliver comparable cytotoxic activity at lower effective doses. This strategy enables us to remain within the therapeutic threshold of all combined drugs while minimizing off-target side effects. We then engineer nanoparticles to transport and deliver the synergistic drug combination precisely to the target site, thereby focusing the desired effects exclusively on the cancer cells. We are actively employing this innovative strategy to treat intricate cancer models, with a special focus on representing the unique disease characteristics of minority populations who are underrepresented in cancer research. 

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